Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hair Netiquette from Sharon White

Wow, what a game lady eventer Sharon White is. Kudos to her for trying to promote the most staid and unloved part of ladies equestrian garb, Ye Olde hairnet. I was compelled to wear them in high school when my long-haired self rode hunters and foxhunted -- but does anyone still wear these? She makes a good case for them. My favorite part of the video is seeing Sharon donning the old-style, traditional hairnet -- and then wrapping an orange scrunchy around it. You go girl!

Thanks to Bit of Britain and Aerborn Hairnets, and to Sharon White, unapologetic wearer of orange.

I'm almost convinced.


  1. I use an old fashioned hairnet because I have super thick and long hair. I french braid it and then roll it up, stick a million pins in it and still need the hairnet for flyaways. I refuse to cut my hair just fit a helmet over it. Plus, the husband would freak.

  2. Real women cut their hair.

  3. I saw this hairnet listed on another blog a year or so ago. Looks like it's heavy duty and easy to put on!


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