Monday, February 25, 2013

Kambarbay goes eventing

More evidence of the nice character of this lovely horse -- so game and so handy! Beautifully ridden -- the rider is just motionless and solid...


  1. Now that is a nice horse and really nice rider. If I could look that good and have that confidence/skill I would be in heaven!!

    Not too mention that the cc course is beautifully built - up and down hills - must be great for conditioning/showing!

  2. He really does not look like a typical Teke, I don't think, with that neck. It's so much thicker than usual! The neck SET looks like them (very upright) but not the width/breadth. He's a lovely boy regardless, and so game!

  3. I just love lightly-built, handy horses like this. They make it look so effortless.

  4. Lovely how searching and curious his eyes are - and an athlete!!!

  5. He may not look as typical as Tekes, but he has the typically beautiful metallic sheen on his coat.
    A real pleasure to watch horse and rider there. Speaking of great athletes, Kauto Star the UK's most beloved steeplechaser in recent years retired from jumps racing at age 12 and is moving to a new career in dressage with event rider Laura Collett. He's so popular & famous he'll probably be mostly an exhibition horse rather than regular competition, but the idea is to showcase TB versatility, especially OTTB's. Although Kauto Star is hardly the typical OTTB, as far as fame goes, but he finished his racing career sound and ready to move to the next work.

  6. Just wondering... we see so many photos of Akhal Tekes in their home turf where they are lean athletes and are fed a very high protein diet. Sort of an Atkins diet for horses. This horse was bred in Estonia and lives in Scotland. Maybe this is how Teke develops like with a nutritious grass diet.
    Or.. since the sport horse conformation is so popular, every breed seems now seems to produce a sport horse type to meet demand. Competitors want an unusual breed, then ask if it comes in "sport horse".


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