Sunday, February 24, 2013

Delorean: Ri's relative and hunter extraordinaire

I think that you can refer to two horses with the same dam as half-brothers or half-sisters -- but not if they share the same sire. So I can't say Delorean and Riley are half-bros, but they do share the same sire (Delaurentis). Delorean was recently written up in the Chronicle for winning a hunter derby at the Great Southwest Winter Series II.

And a fat chunkster he is! Lovely boy, yes? He's two years older than Riley, and he must have been one of the first foals by De Laurentis.

 I do believe they share the same -- as Bob would call it -- snout. The shape of their muzzle is the same. And while Ri is not as chubby as Delorean, they look similar in type.


  1. Is the rider wearing a shadbelly in a hunter class? I didn't know that they did that, lol! He is a beautiful horse and a lovely jumper! Personally, I think Riley is cuter! :)

  2. That horse is a joy to watch. How relaxed and lovely! A true hunter indeed. The rider didn't impress me, but the horse is stunning.

  3. One of my British friends calls a "snout" a schnobble :-)

  4. @ Stephanie - Yes, shadbellys are turning up a LOT more often due to the increasing popularity of Hunter Derbies and other "fancier" hunter classes offered at shows. I'm sure the coat manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank! Unfortunately, the majority are not worn correctly. It pains me to see yawning gaps between fake vest points and low-rise breeches, along with bling-y belts. What REALLY bothers me, however, is all the little kids running around in them! IMHO, it's turned into an ostentatious display of wealth when you trick out your eight-year-old in Ariat Monaco boots, a shad, and a Samshield helmet. And from what I understand shads are now de rigeur for EVERYONE at Pony Finals. Whatever. I think they look ridiculous on children, but I guess if you have the coin to make PF you can do what you want. :-/

    Delorean is a lovely horse. I think he's a little bit TOO plump, personally (I like Ri's physique much better) but that's the look they want in the upscale Hunter ring these days.


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