Wednesday, March 20, 2013

An R-rated post

 That's "R" as in movie ratings and "R" for horse husband re-education and  also "R" for really good news :-).

Recall that while Bob has cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL), there are two types: one slow type and one aggressive type, which is called Sezary Syndrome (SS). The blood test results are back. A Sezary cell count of over 1,000 means you have SS, and a count of over 10,000 means the syndrome is pretty far along. Bob's results showed no Sezary cells. His LDH value (a value that is significant for CTCL) was normal.


He did have abnormally high values for basophils, atypical lymph, and absolute baso values but  they were not all that high, and besides who knows what those mean? Some quick googling suggested these could be related to infections, itching (which is a big symptom), and lymphoma (which we know he has).

We have succeeded in pestering the Dr. into trying to move our appt in Philly up.

Now here is a post I wrote several weeks ago, slotted for today...

Bob's horse-husband "re-education" and my "r-rated" appearance
So a few Sunday mornings ago, I got up and started to get dressed to go ride. I had on my polo shirt and underwear and socks on, but I could not find my breeches. After looking around the bedroom I remembered I'd left them on the dining room chair. I walked downstairs to get them, in my state of partial dress. Bob was at the table eating cereal and reading the newspaper.  I walked to the chair to fetch my breeches.

Bob: "Do you have a show today?"

Me: "What? What makes you think that?"

Bob: [sets paper down] "Oh -- I thought you had on your light breeches."


  1. First - HURRAY!!! I am SO glad and relieved at your good news regarding the Sezary cells. Wow. Good about the LDH level as well. Onward to the Philly appointment! Hope that light therapy is helping in the meantime...

    LOL regarding the breeches incident. I mean, just how transparent ARE those white breeches of yours? :-) As long as you don't usually rock rainbow-striped undies, I fail to see how mostly nekkid = breech-wearing. That's pretty funny... Oh, well, at least you got a laugh out of it!

  2. Hmmmm. . . are you saying that Bob finds your naked legs to be as white as your breeches? You are really ready for warmer weather, aren't you?

  3. Great news!


    That's all I've got, but mostly I just wanted to chime in with happiness over the news. :)

  4. A happy post indeed...not only great news about Bob, but a worthy joke at his expense. Glad you have something to laugh about.

    Wishing Bob well and an even better report at that doctor's appointment....

  5. Laughing here. First, GREAT NEWS FOR BOB!! Second, spray tans are quite reasonable these days. Half an hour at the salon. Just sayin'.


  6. Now that provoked a laugh from me! The things they don't notice...

    Anyway, great news on the health front. I hope things continue to improve.

  7. I was earnestly praying for you guys ... and this just made my whole day. I am incredibly happy for Bob and you! Sometimes, you just need some good news!! Hurrah!!!!!!

    Nekkid dressage? Concept. Ouch. :P

  8. Those abnormal cell counts (basophils, etc) are very most likely related to the lymphoma process itself. I wouldn't think about them too much at all and wouldn't waste my time googleing them and confusing myself any more with them. I would just focus on being happy with the good news! Yay for good news!

  9. That's hilarious :D

    Glad to hear the good news about Bob.


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