Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reed Kessler receives Rolex watch

Just a note that I'm visiting my family this weekend -- A few of the posts are photos from my pinterest account that I really like. Back to regularly scheduled programming early next week. Thanks!

I love photos like these. First, I love the expressions of the giver and the receiver in this photo. Secondly, what a great tribute to the Rolex watch. Expensive watches are not my thing, but Rolex has a long history of supporting equestrian sports like -- well, Rolex. The Three Day. Where I'm going in just a few weeks!


  1. I have to say I am really impressed by that photo! I like Reed, I really do, and from what I hear she is a pleasant and hard-working young lady, but I also know that given the state of the family bank balance she could have bought an armful of Rolexes by now if she so chose... so it's nice to see her delight at this gift. :-)

    Have a nice visit with your family. And I am planning on meeting you at R3DE!

  2. Cylana doesn't seem very impressed. She's like "where's the Rolex mega carrot and giant peppermint snap!"

  3. What's the tax bite on winning a Rolex?

  4. I am really impressed by Reed Kessler, a very hard-working young lady

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