Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coco Soya: A nice, palatable fat supp...

Remember a month or so ago, I worried that Harvey had lost some of his chubby rotundity. He was getting plenty of Equine Senior, and I didn't want to up his grain. He eats hay sporadically -- it's always in front of him, but he just can't chew like he used to.  Harv has gotten a fat supplement in the past (Ultimate Finish I think),  but it was expensive -- about $40 a month. I did some research and decided to try Cocosoya Ultra. I admit to being skeptical that a tiny supplement could really do any good. When it came it filled three Smartpak wells and weighed in at $25 a month. Harv yummed it down and you know, he has rounded out nicely. I'm so pleased!


  1. Cocosoya oil has worked great for my ottb.

    Five gallons of Uekele's cocosoya oil, (2 oz top dressed on breakfast pellets), lasts almost a year and costs @ $70 including shipping.

  2. I'll have to try it - I've got a Friesian mare that doesn't keep weight well, and nothing else seems to work.



  3. This is great information. My old guy (29) also had virtually no teeth and has the same problem maintaining his weight. I've been giving him about 3/4 cup per day of Empower Boost, and have seen a difference in 2 weeks. However, it's just ANOTHER bag in the feedroom. He's already on SmartPaks for other things; I may have to add the cocosoya!


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