Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Murder at the Gallop

If you like old movies, Miss Marple, mysteries, and a lot of horse scenes, be on the lookout for this great old movie -- Murder at the Gallop. I enjoyed this thoroughly. Found some footage on Youtube, try to ignore the Venetian subs...


  1. Margaret Rutherford received the highest accolade from Agatha Christie, when she dedicated The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side to Margaret Rutherford "in admiration." Murder At the Gallop was especially wonderful because of Robert Morley, the owner of the estate where Miss Marple solves the crime.

    I adore both ladies!

  2. The twinkle in Miss Marple's eye, leads me to believe she is a much better rider than her companion thinks. *G* I think I can rent this on Xfinity. Might be fun for an evening when I have nothing to interfere.

  3. Rutherford's Miss Marple movies are shown regularly on Turner Classic Movies. In fact, "Murder Ahoy" will be on April 27 at Noon EST. In the Rutherford Miss Marple movies, she was always a ladies champion at something back in the 20's, which helps her beat the bad guys as a spunky old lady. She was ladies fencing champion in 1926, Ladies Small Arms Champion of 1925, Ladies Midland Hunt Seat Champion of 1927, etc
    She took top honors in chemistry at school, which is why she is always able to detect the poisons with a home chemistry set.
    Can't beat entertainment like that!

  4. Sadly, Margaret Rutherford was past riding a horse by the time "Murder At The Gallop" was made and there are just those tantalising shots of her preparing for a ride in that neat side-saddle habit and then mounting the horse:it's a stunt-woman who is seen riding for real.The plot of this film/movie seemed to go out of its way to involve horses (as with the brewers' pair of Clydesdales) and equines pop up in the others of the series (esp. "The A.B.C. Murders"): maybe someone in production was 'horsey'.


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