Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dirty dressage: No divas in this photoshoot

If our sport has a reputation for being elitist and snobby, you have to concede that
  1. There are some people who perpetuate that stereotype, and 
  2. Pick up any catalog and look at the demeanor of some of the models. 
Case in point -- look to the right! One wonders the photographer's instructions to this model might have been. I'd guess "imagine you've just smelled something awful!"
You might think that these ads don't signify much, but keep in mind that the sellers are trying to reflect what they think our ideal dressage rider is -- what we aspire to. This is what they think we want!

Admittedly, more recent ads have loosened up quite a bit. The women seem like someone I'd want to have lunch with. And,  it's refreshing to see this "Dirty Dressage" photo shoot footage. These women look like they can muck a stall.


  1. Good Lord, yes - what a horrible expression on that model's face! I think the photographer said, "Look like you just noticed someone showing Prix St. Georges on a 14.2 spotted 1/2 Gypsy Vanner/1/2 Quarter Horse!" :-)

    "Dirty Dressage" is pretty funny. At first I questioned why you had something like that on your "family blog," LOL...

  2. I like the comment near the end of the interview "I do hope this washes off"

  3. I'm big on nails. FINGERnails. I do quite a bit of scribing, and I can see which of the riders actually DO the horse thing and which just sit around and ride. The acrylic/gel/rock star "finners" tell me the person sporting same doesn't scrub out buckets, soap tack, take bridles apart and put them back together again unless they are wearing gloves which interfere with those duties. A lot. Agree with you, Stacey, and RiderWriter. Good Lord, indeed. ;o)


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