Friday, April 19, 2013

Dreams of Rolex and Henny and Bob

The night before Bob got his test results I had a memorable dream -- it rolled in so many elements of my life at the moment, the way that dreams do sometimes. It probably sounds corny -- apologies in advance.

In this dream...

Would you believe, in this dream I was perusing  the Rolex issue of the Chronicle of the Horse, looking for Jimmy Wofford rundown of competitors and specifically the section on Peter Atkins and Henny. You know that Bob adores this pair, and I wanted to tell him what Jimmy said. I found a full page spread on Henny and Peter-- no text, just a color photo. Here's where it was very dreamlike -- the image was vivid. It was a photo but Henny and Peter also seemed  alive, and they were experiencing the moment in the photo. It was not in their past.

In the image...
Henny and Peter were at the top of the arc over a big log obstacle--so big they could not have seen over it. On the other side was an enormous drop -- almost like the Derby bank at Hickstead with  a log fence on top. No course designer would do this -- the drop was dangerous, and the question was unfair. In the dream I could feel Henny and Peter were seeing the drop for the first time; they weren't expecting it. My stomach dropped imagining their descent and what might happen -- I felt sick. The odds were against them, but there they were, gamely taking it on. Henny's ears were pricked and intent. In this awful situation, where there was no turning back, Henny and Peter were so brave!  They believed that they could make it.

Here's my dream interpretation:  Bob is Henny and Peter, and the big drop is his disease.

I'll tell you more about Bob's test results tomorrow, but please know that given the situation, the news is everything we could have hoped for.  Now all there is to do is look forward to Rolex and a summer like no other.


  1. Wow, that was some dream! And your interpretation suits perfectly. Once again I am nervously awaiting the test reports, but somewhat eased by your comment that they are "everything we could have hoped for."

    Once again wishing you both the best.

  2. This almost made me cry. What a vivid dream and spot-on summation of how you're feeling about Bob's condition! I have had dreams like that, that I may never forget, that really illustrate exactly what is bothering me in some dramatic fashion. Guess it is therapeutic for our thought processing.

    I think we all experience "going over the cliff" at some point in our lives, some more precipitously than others. I hope that Bob, like Peter and Henny, will take all hurdles as they come in good fashion, no matter what the Great Course Designer in the Sky may throw at him.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I got goosebumps imagining your dream.

    Here's to Bob's health! Better and better, I hope!


  4. Go, Bob, go! (Good dream, even though scary!)

  5. What a metaphor-- you have captured the essence of two kinds of courage.

  6. Great writing. Hoping all the best for you and Bob.


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