Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A girl can never have too many shoes...

And here is yet another variety I have not tried: Equine Fusion Performance Jogging Shoes made by a Norwegian company. I don't know the price point, but it's tempting, yes?


  1. Well, I do like the boots, but putting them on an amputated half a horse leg is a bit offputting....I'd rather see them on a real live horse.

    Looks like a bit over $200 for a pair. Not horrible, but not cheap. However, if they do fit well and work, they might be worth the money.

  2. That looks so complicated to put on/take off - and as an engineer, having more places you can have a single point failure to make the shoe unuseable makes it more likely one of those places fail. I also question how it will affect breakover points - it looks like it moves it forward of where the natural hoof breakover would be, so I would worry about soft tissue.

    Biggest reason I wouldn't try it is my gelding gets rubs from nearly everything that touches him, including most bell boots. This looks like it would rub in similar ways, but the Easyboot glove fits him wonderfully without rubs, so I'll happily stick with it!

  3. I'm with Jean - the whole time I was watching I was like, "Ewwwww.... freeze-dried horse leg," and, "Hmm, if Horsey isn't feeling cooperative these might be a real pain." But I suppose that's true for any horse boot. Lots of opportunity for getting knocked around!

    They ARE pretty cool and looks like with the multiple fasteners they'd stay on pretty well. Now, if somebody would just be so thorough about a DOG boot I might find some that would stay on my pup!


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