Monday, May 27, 2013

Gotta get some Guenter!

To say nothing of Neil Diamond. After hearing Neil belt it  out at a recent sporting event (I do not follow sports so I can't recall what event, but it was after the Boston bombing).

Anyway, back to dressage. What a great opening sequence, and a crowd-pleasing freestyle all around. Note the nose at or in front of the vertical, and the relaxation...

Coral Reef Wylea & Guenter Seidel


  1. Beautiful trot work and the music was perfect! A few missteps in the canter work and I'd like to have heard some better music along the way there, but that was really quite a lovely test.

    I totally agree about the not behind the vertical head...just super, and the relaxation, especially in that wonderful walk portion.

    Glad to see Guenter riding so well again after his injury.

  2. Oh, ahem. I was at Del Mar that weekend scribing for a friend who is working on her 'r' card. The videographer is the husband of a member of our chapter of the California Dressage Society! He does all our shows and is getting to be quite good at his video work! I have sent this blog entry to his wife. They will be thrilled to see it featured on your blog! (Small world ;o)

  3. We're having the freestyle developer for Guenter (and Steffen) clinic here with us - she also did Brentina's - we're SUPER excited to see what she's got. I also love that it starts with a three hour class room sesson. EXCELLENT!


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