Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bob on drugs, and Badminton on steroids

Not much news on the Bob front. He has started his 120K a year drug, Targretin, and it takes awhile to see improvement, we're told. The side effects, however, start right away, so he has regular blood tests schedule to monitor triglycerides and thyroid function. Bob wants to travel this summer, so I must find fun things to do and places go go. Ever-thoughtful, he suggests finding horse events and venues to attend. Any ideas? Europe is a possibility, I was thinking of the Dublin Horse Show but I'd like to find some dressage events -- Germany?

Watch Badminton in this special footage, using a camera that takes 300 frames per second, 20X faster than the human eye.


  1. Tattersalls is another Irish horse event, it's spread over a weekend and is eventing so would have dressage too! As far as I know it's on the june bank holiday but you can Google tatts horse trials for more information.

  2. Surely there are some good dressage shows in Germany.

    Wishing Bob good luck on the new medication. Hoping the good effects far outweigh any side-effects.

  3. Olympia horse show in the UK and horse of the year show are both good shows can't remember what time of the year they are on at

  4. Olympia is just prior to Christmas and HOYS is October. Both have excellent transport links, shopping and competitions / features with big names attending. in recent years they've both also been holding dressage events as well as the showing and sj which are the staple events. Aachen is late june, pretty awesome.
    Since you mention Dublin, in August, just before it is Hickstead, which has a CDIO this year plus the famous Derby.
    Blair Castle horse trials is late August, well worth a visit. Burleigh is early September. Pau is October.
    Have you considered going to one of the big auctions? Excellent evening out and you get to see lots of lovely horses!

  5. I have been reading with great sympathy and concern about Bob's search for the cause of his medical condition. My heart goes out to you both.
    As a suggestion for a riding adventure, have you considered Epona Equestrian Centre near Seville, Spain. They do a variety of week-long programs including rides through the Spanish country side and dressage lessons on Adalusian horses. Epona owns over 100 horses to meet the needs of novices and advanced riders alike. I went to Epona off season--there were only two students--myself and a rider who rode for the Canadian Olympic Equestrian team. We both agreed that the vacation exceeded our expectations (I was working on trot without stirrups and canter and she was working on canter pirouttes).
    Plus there is more than riding horses--great Andalusian cuisine and Spanish wine served by Epona, charming accomadations, side trips to ride on the beach, attend Royal Andalusian School of Equestrain art, go for a sherry tasting, see flamanco dancing, etc. One of my best vacations ever!!! Oh, and ViVi Garcia, who is the daughter of the owners and teaches at Epona, is a graduate of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian art)
    Pamela N.

  6. Holy cow, that video footage is amazing. It's really interesting to see in slow-mo how many of the horse's legs end up contacting the jumps. I don't event, but I sure understand the reasoning for the wraps and the grease now! It always gets me the flexion in the horse's fetlocks when you watch video slowed down: it's not something you think about often, but seeing it makes you appreciate how amazing those structures are...

  7. Epona offers amazing riding on well-trained and safe mounts, but when I went there in 2005, the lodging left a lot to be desired. The room I was assigned had extensive water damage and smelled of mold. I asked to be transferred, and they were able to accommodate me, although I will say they weren't very pleased to do so. There was no way I could have managed with my allergies in that room. My eyes started tearing up when they led me into it. Anyway, hopefully the lodging has improved in the intervening years because it truly was some of the best trail riding I've ever done.

  8. Tour Sumar and watch the Cadre Noire train


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