Sunday, May 12, 2013

Definitely on his bucket list

Friday am at Rolex, Bob and I were down in the complimentary breakfast area of the Hampton Inn. I'm wasn't eating because I ate like a hog last night at Bella Notte in Lexington. Someone at the table next to us was surfing on his iPad and he stumbled on this video -- before long,  everyone was watching it. I snorted coffee through my nose at this one. Yep, it's another "horse playing with large round item" but this one has a "punchline!" It is a hoot...


  1. Frankly, I suspected the "punch line" when I first saw the can on his head. But I was laughing all the way through and the final outcome was topping on the growing hysteria. Somehow I could picture one of my Boys doing something just like that. *LOL*

  2. Boiiiiiiing! I could watch that all day. What a GOOF!!


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