Thursday, May 2, 2013

Eventer "Snip" retirement ceremony

Snip, a long time eventing horse I saw compete at Rolex with Joe Meyer at age 19 in 2011, enjoyed a retirement ceremony and big bucket'o treats at Sunday's Final Day of Rolex. Here he is with Joe Meyer and owners/breeders. At 15.3 hands and at age 21, he cantered around the ring with Joe in the irons looking no older than 12. What a cutie, and what an admirable career.


  1. I love that they honor their old partners this way.


  2. What a lovely looking horse! I hope he enjoys his well deserved and well earned retirement. I like seeing them go out while they are still 'on top'. Kudos to his breeder, owner and trainer for taking such good care of him aong the way.

  3. He clearly thought he was there to jump when they cantered in - I think he was disappointed! :-)

    Very, very cute horse. I was glad to be there to applaud him.

  4. I agree with RiderWriter, he looked completely ready to go! Such a neat horse, I'm sure he's got a fabulous retirement ahead of him.


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