Friday, May 3, 2013

Did I mention? Great shopping @ Rolex

Hi All, A bit of an update: Bob and I are now in Boston  to see some doctors (Friday) and attend a forum/patient education event on cutaneous lymphoma (Saturday/Sunday). He just started his cancer meds this week, and we have a lot of questions about the meds, his present state of unrelenting itchiness, and what to expect in the next few months. Hoping to get more opinions and a better feel for what to expect. See you on the other side!

Needless to say...
Great shopping, and I blew my budget within about the first hour of my arrival at the "sponsor village." More on this later. I did linger wistfully over a number of items at the sponsor and trade villages. I seriously covet this Kerrits Venti shirt, which I saw in Dover's catalog but decided to see in person. I loved it, but had no budget for it...

Michel McNabb Jewelry (crappy photo, see her Web site) has some lovely jewelry and her dad was there selling horse equestrian line.  There was another jewelry artisan (Jane Hart) who was also super, but having spent all my dollars I could only gawk and appreciate.

Most come in Sterling Silver and Pewter 

There were at least three halter/leatherwork vendors. I love Clever with Leather from past years but they are moving away from horse products into human leatherwork -- still gorgeous, and they still make the halters, but they were not the feature of the booth as was the case in the past.
I believe the photo below was taken at Bluegrass Leather Traditions. There was also Albright's Leather , Bluegrass Leather Traditions, and Central Kentucky Tack and Leather.


  1. Ooh! That halter picture has the black halter with white trim I want for my TB. He's nearly black bay (when not sunbleached, and dull buckskin by the end of any season), and a classic black and white kind of guy. I won a padded leather halter and have the brown with blue padding for my filly already. :) I'll look them up to see if I can order that halter online!

    I have been drooling over that Kerrits shirt, too! It's just gorgeous. And will also be jewelry shopping... Thanks for enabling the spending of money!

  2. I definitely need to avoid places like that. Too much temptation.

    But what did you blow your budget on? All you've told us about are the things you couldn't buy! *G*

    Hope the conference is a big success with tons of answers for both Bob and you! Sending good wishes.


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