Saturday, May 4, 2013

Various videos from Rolex

Worst flight experience ever going to Boston. Six hour flight delay (for a forty minute flight from Newark to Boston!) and many gate changes, and two of the six hours spent on the tarmac while fuel was REMOVED from our aircraft. Long story, but we are exhausted. Had a good meeting with  doctors and now the patient conference/forum at 7:30 am. Leaving tomorrow am, praying for a good flight...

Some various video snippets from Rolex Cross Country...

Jan Bynny and Sid Kent (I think) Nicely ridden big gallopy table.
Catch a Star and rider Caitlin Silliman (Rolex first-timer!) 
Andrew Nicholson and Calico Joe, Sunken Road  
Beth Perkins and Sal Dali  
Buck Davidson, Mar De Armor

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