Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wardrobe malfunction at Badminton

Check out the one minute mark of this video of 24 year-old U.S. rider Tiana Coudray and Ringwood Magister. The entire run is exhilerating to watch, but if you don't want to wait for the one minute mark on the embedded video, click here for a video that starts at the one minute mark. Awesome ride overall (what a great horse!), but that "unravelling" footage is dicey stuff.


  1. This is where electrician's tape is invalable (or duct tape if you're into that sort of thing) to keep the hook-and-looped polos in place. My OTTB likes to rub his head on his leg wraps (he has "happy mouth" and I guess the saliva bugs him) but this is how his leg wraps get twisted and things start coming loose. The other problem is that Velro's sticky side needs to be cleaned of fuzz, hair, and debris so it can stick (and STAY stuck) to the other side. This could have been a disaster.

  2. My goodness that horse is a saint!!! I know plenty of ponies that would have tried, in earnest, to run away from their own unravelling feet. These eventers are just tough as nails ...

  3. GAWH! This is what i fear most about using polos. That and learning how to acutally apply them properly...

  4. OOOOOH, I love this pair!!! Wish they'd been at Rolex instead of Badders, but can't blame her for being over there. She is a terrific rider and that horse is so gorgeous and willing! (And grey, my favorite)

    I had heard about the wrap coming off, and must say I'm shocked. I'm sure the groom is beating him/herself up PLENTY about it (said groom may even have been fired). I can't imagine why the wraps were not electrical or duct-taped on, as I've seen that be the norm for eventers, along with taping buckles on the tack. Thank God Ringwood Magister was able to ignore it and keep going, without stepping on it and causing a wreck. GOOD horse!


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