Friday, May 10, 2013

Why I'm not a pro photographer

So the photos from my last two posts are the best shots among lots of unusuable photos.

Whining and excuses
First of all I suppose my camera is not built for action shots. It's one of those delayed click types, and while it was a couple of hundred dollars it is not that fancy-schmancy. I had hoped to have great photos of show jumping. Instead I ended up with mostly a lot of horse-hineys and some blurry shots that might have been okay if they were clear. My new friend for the weekend, Tracie, shamed me with gorgeous photos from her own camera. She has a knack where I clearly don't!


  1. I have the same problem with my Canon Power Shot. A gal at the Del Mar Dressage show a couple of weeks ago had a DSLR camera with a lens that probably cost as much as some of the horses she was photographing. She had the camera set on what I call "stutter shot" where one click produced half a dozen images.

    My kind of camera (champagne taste, beer budget, etc.).

  2. LOL ... this is great, Stacey. Maybe you are a secret genius. After all, you have inadvertently focused on the most important part of the horse's motor ... the BEHIND!! :D

  3. Oh, you are far too kind! I think you did a great job with show jumping. I was up in the nosebleed seats and had to settle for grainy long-distance snaps, so I was thrilled to see the one you caught of Peter and Henny. IMHO if that was all you got it would have been a good day! :-)

    I sure was happy when my blogger friend Jenn ( who owns one of those super-nice DSLRs and is a great photog came to visit. She got super action shots of my doggie. And then of course there's Wendy over at who's a PROFESSIONAL photographer; we won't even talk about the awesomeness of HER photos of Rolex and everything else!

  4. I'd suggest checking the speed of your SD card. If it's not high speed, I'd suggest getting one as it lessens the delay a lot.


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