Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bob is doing better!

Well, it's Saturday, and I thought I'd interject that Bob's skin is looking a ton better on his new meds, Targretin. Because it never rains but it pours, he has learned that he has a torn miniscus in his left knee, and that is bothering him alot -- not the pain, but the inability to dance! Bob is an avid contra dancer and he's quite good at it.

I guess those are the kind of problems you want to have. The ones that money, and modern medicine, can fix :-).


  1. I have sympathy pains for Bob's knee...PRP therapy might work well as an alternative to surgery.

    Glad his other problems are better. That was a worry, but if the meds are doing the trick that's a big plus!

  2. You're so right about this--fixable problems are not problem at all. If the medicine is expensive, you "find a way." If it takes time to heal, you find something to do in the meantime ;o) All good.


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