Sunday, June 16, 2013

Spurs that jingle-jangle-jingle

Spurs are apparently Riley's wake-up call. This year, he has NOT seemed like a horse on limited turnout. Quite the opposite, he's been a bit too relaxed about our riding sessions. And you know First Level, relaxation needs to go hand-in-hand with ENERGY. The canter work -- well, you saw it, it's been a bit luggy and pokey.  I had been using just the whip, and we take a good twenty minutes to "establish the monarchy," as an acquaintance says. Here you see us at the start of a series of walk trot transitions, demonstrating the incorrect response to the whip. It's the horsie equivalent of the middle finger -- kicking backwards and no forward motion. I could stand to use the whip more effectively (note floppy hand), of course...

On a whim this week, I decided to "rediscover" my spurs. Vive la difference! Suddenly we have a marching walk, a trot that is bouncing me out of the tack, and a canter that moves right along all by itself (albeit leaning one way or the other). I have to find a way to keep him sharp without extra equipment but this is a reminder of what he's capable of. There are many transitions in our future, methinks.


  1. Tried to watch the video and it said that I couldn't watch it because 'the video is private!'

  2. :( It won't allow me to watch the vid because it says it is "private"

  3. Have you considered having the vet do some bloodwork? There are several things that a lack of energy could be, which are easily solved with supplementation...

  4. I have blood work done every spring or twice a year if there's a problem his blood work is fine

  5. Oops...that whip response looks like Tucker. Are you sure my horse didn't sneak into Riley's stall? *G*

    You are required to wear spurs at the upper levels, so using them now to refine your aids is a good idea anyhow. Don't fret about using them.


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