Sunday, July 14, 2013

Helen Langehanenberg wins WC Dressage title

I don't know how I missed this amazing performance! The gaits, IMHO, seem more natural than Totilas but the brilliance is there and the willingness and partnership too. The announcers seemed to be able to critique this ride -- I'm not sure I can see the flaws they see.

Make sure to watch the last part of the video (I tried to make the video start after the final salute, but it doesn't work). Watching the smiles is as fun as the video.


  1. Breathtaking ride, rider and horse!

  2. Not overly fond of the music, but the ride was wonderful! I totally agree about this horse's gaits being more natural than Totilas's. Amazing elevation in the piaffe and passage without looking artificial. The tempis were so smooth I almost missed them and the half pass work was exceptional.

    A well-earned win, that's for sure.


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