Monday, July 15, 2013

This old man!

Since Riley is in boot camp, I have time to really enjoy Harv. One of our fun activities is lungeing. The retirement farm/horse sanctuary barn manager gave us some great advice -- I can't believe it never occurred to me -- Pentosan for Harv. He got his first shot last week, and already there is a difference in his movement. Earlier in the session, before I thought about taping, he was moving out much more -- but it is his choice. Yes, he's a little gimpy but (I think) pretty fluid for an old dude. The bad news is  that there may be a shortage on Pentosan. I have a half-vial and am trying to get more.

Anyway, here's Harv. When I searched to find music to accompany Harv's footage, I was so pleased with what I found. Seems perfect to me! He's working here at his own pace, just me clucking, no whip or commands.


  1. Harv looks good! Just a comment on Pentosan, the pentosan that McIlwraith used in the equine study was from Australia, where it was originated. If you are buying it from a company is a compounded pentosan and it isn't the same..not saying it won't work as well ..just it isn't what was studied. Here's the link to the Australian site:

  2. This is the perfect postscript to your retirement farm piece. That is one good looking horse, and the music is just delightful. Made my day. (I have to investigate Pentosan now.)

  3. You might enjoy some of the wisdom from the husband and wife team who run Paradigm Farms, a retirement property in Tennessee. They DO NOT require title to change hands, which is incredibly scary and I am in full agreement with your decision.

    I have a retired 23 year old. I don't make him lunge anymore, but he is very cute and will run around "at liberty" (what dressage people like to call "free lunging," right). He does not happen to be at Paradigm, but I love their approach.

    Best of luck

  4. Aw .. This Old Man ... doubly cute accompaniment piece. :0)

  5. I am truly delighted to see this post. Its simplicity and fresh joy really make me feel "at home."

    I, too, enjoy the benefits (and pitfalls) of two horse ownership. When you have one and he is acting out of sorts, needs a tune-up or is lame as a duck, you're kind of sunk unless you can take a lesson on a schoolie or borrow a friend's horsey pal for awhile.

    Harvey, thank you for helping your mom heal and making all of us smile. :)

  6. Aw, Harv looks great!!

    My vet said there is a shortage of all kinds of meds they need. Don't know what's going on. I finally found some eye ointment on eBay. I think you can find Pentosan at some regular suppliers on the Internet. lists it. Looks pretty pricey, but Harv is worth it.

    I too love the music for your video. Perfect.

  7. Yeah, you've got to keep your old man with you. You enjoy him far too much to surrender ownership of him.


  8. Wow, his movement is actually really nice. I'm pretty darn impressed with the amount of softness and suspension, and the nice upward freedom in his shoulders. A touch of stiffness, but so very minor! What a pretty mover. You can tell he likes working. Ever consider hopping on bareback for old time's sake? I don't think I could resist...he looks so happy and so comfortable through his back.

    He looks in his late teens, not 26!


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