Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hanoverian inspection: Nice thoroughbred mare!

Thoroughbreds, like any breed, have to be evaluated as individuals. On a listserv recently someone posted a question: Is it "worth" getting a thoroughbred if you want to do dressage?

I'd say so! Look at this lovely thoroughbred mare, presented at  a Hanoverian inspection this year.


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous. The darn video made me cry, with that music... I get pretty sick and tired of people dissing MY (and Harvey's) breed, let me tell ya! >:/ I am sure the Hano people snapped her right up.

    About that: how come Hano/Oldenburg/other WM breeds allow so much outcrossing with TBs, anyway?

  2. I have to laugh--without TBs or Arabs there would BE no "warmbloods," so of COURSE the "nice TBs" are "worth getting." (Full Disclosure: I LOVE my OTTB ;o)

  3. I think the hanoverians are becoming very selective about what thoroughbred mares they allow in these days. I think the mares have to have a 7 for trot, and maybe a minimum overall score, to make the main mare book. Historically tbs were crossed w/early wbs to improve the walk, and I think the topline? 'm sure it was also to lighten the body type. Modern warmbloods may not bring the nice toplines to the table like they used to. So many are downhill... That said, they are all individuals, and this summer I had the privilege to see some drool-worthy TBs kicking the butts of some WBs..

  4. When I helped my friend take her thoroughbred mares to the AHS inspection, the judge was pretty harsh but also very educational. The thoroughbreds are held to higher standard than the warmblood mares. They have to have a minimum overall score, which is higher than that required for warmblood mares, and no individual score can be below a 7. So your mare can score 9s pretty much across the board, but if they have one 6 on the score sheet they don't pass. Only one thoroughbred mare out of 9 passed at that inspection.

    But it all depends on the judge. The next year the judge passed the majority of the thoroughbred mares and I wouldn't say the quality was better that year.

  5. Thoroughbreds are extremely versatile. I've seen them used for all sorts of disciplines outside of horseracing. The better older bloodlines are sturdier though compared to the modern bloodlines. You are best to stay away from the historically unsound bloodlines which generally lead back to Native Dancer. In Eight Belles case, she has 8 relatively close ancestors from that bloodline on top and bottom. Research a woman named Ellen Parker who's written a ton of stuff on thoroughbred bloodlines. Stay away from the inbreeding, Stay away from Native Dancer bloodlines (he was not known for being particularly sound).. Look for the bloodlines of those horses who had long racing careers and stayed sound.. normally not the fastest horses but longevity counts as does soundness. Charlie Whittingham made a comment once, he looked for the long distance horses because they held up better under the pressure.. so I'd start there.. In the years I rode for Charlie, I never saw one of his horses breakdown. Take that as you will.. but look at the bloodlines, then the conformation .. and the age.


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