Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rocky Mountain Rider's Rescue Rub GIVEAWAY!

Right around the time I fell off Riley, I was contacted by a woman about a product she had developed: Rocky Mountain Rider's Rescue Rub.

I felt like it was fate -- I'm in good health and normally have no aches and pains. The weekend after I fall off my 17H goober and can barely hobble around, I get a call from someone with a rescue rub for riders. By the time the salve arrived I was well on my way to healing, but I did use it at the tail end of my recovery.

It smelled wonderful. It was quickly absorbed. and while I was getting better anyway, I can believe that it helped. My husband, Bob, has some knee problems and he tried the rescue rub on one knee, and Surpass (yes, the horse rub that requires a prescription) on the other. He felt that both knees felt better -- about the same -- and that is significant, if you ask me.

At $22 for 60 ml, I think it is a good buy.

I have used arnica products before and they really do make a difference. RRR has arnica, and MSM, and seabuckthorn, and well,  read the rest of the ingredients here.

Would you like to get a free tub of rub? Enter this contest kindly sponsored by the folks at Rocky Mountain! To enter, just leave a comment on my blog or Facebook page describing your worst horse injury ever, or your funniest horse mishap, or something like that, and a winner will be selected. Remember to provide a means of contact. The last few contests, people   entered and while some were finalists, I could not find their contact info anywhere. Also, U.S. and Canada mailing only...

Good luck all!


  1. I am busy with my two year old son so when I do get a chance to ride I am always sore the next day. This would be very helpful for my sore muscles:)

  2. http://hunterintraining.blogspot.com/2011/01/helluva-way-to-start-2011.html

    Here's my entry, and my info

  3. I went on a trail ride with a guide out of a stable in Yellowstone. It was the first time my then six year old son had ever been on a horse and I was really excited to take him out. About twenty minutes out from the barn, I straightened my legs in the stirrups (I hate western saddles) and as my heels extended past the horse's shoulders, he dropped his head and began to buck.

    I had a brand new SLR digital camera in my right hand, with an expensive telephoto lens. I had a moment of clarity where I knew I could drop the camera and stay on, or I could let the horse throw me and save the camera. I opted to get thrown. I had been thrown so many times as a kid, I figured one more time wouldn't be a big deal. In hindsight, it was the wrong thing to do.

    I landed on my butt, with the reins in my left hand, as the horse yanked on them. It arched me back over the camera bag I was wearing on my lower back. I tore a bunch of muscles on the left side of my abdomen loose from the hip, I bruised my spleen and kidney on that side and ruptured the disc at my L5 vertabre. I did however save the camera.

    Not wanting to scare my six year old, I got up and got back on the horse. We finished the trail ride about two hours later. I couldn't walk when I got off the horse at the stable yard. To compound matters, I had no health insurance and refused to go to the hospital.

    I am still dealing with the effects of that fall.

  4. My worst horse injury was when my not-so-reliable hunter dirty stopped at a jump in the warm up at our horse show. He did the famous QH stop, and then spun to the right which flung me into the fence... where I took the entire thing down rather dramatically. It was a pretty hard fall, and I didn't get up immediately. While I was sitting down, I had one local yahoo training SCREAMING at her kids to "Don't jump the diagonal!" (Duh, I'm sitting in it) and several natural horsemanship enthusiasts trying to chase my semi-runaway horse down with carrot sticks. To top it all off, I tore my breeches in the fall (hit the metal jump cup) and had to safety pin them back together to show the rest of the day... with red bandanna patterned underwear showing all day. It was not awesome.

  5. My worst accident was when I was trying out a new horse and she bucked me off. At first I thought I was fine, but on the way home I found it increasingly difficult to sit. A few hours later I went into the ER in excruciating pain in my nether regions... I had broken my tailbone. I got to go to highschool, participate in marching band, etc using a doughnut pillow for about a month. Talk about embarrassing.


  6. Oh my; I need that rub! I've never had a very painful horse accident; the last couple times I came off there is no other explanation for not landing hard and getting hurt other than that angels must have let me down easy. But at 51, I have plenty of aches and pains I'd like to try this product on!

  7. I recently fell off my horse and broke all but 4 bones in my back. I'm lucky in that I suffered no spinal damage and I was actually back to riding (walking on a lead line) in 6 weeks, but I am still in intense physical therapy and have pain every day. I'd love to try this product out while I'm transitioning off heavy pain meds.

  8. My worst misshap would have to be putting a tree through my leg. Young green horse with no back up or sidepass skills yet. That was painful and more than thirty years later still sporting a quarter size sunken scar.

  9. I have had some bad injuries, but one of the funniest was years ago I was cantering around the outside of a ring, and trying to cut in as close as possible on the corners (showing off, of course). We kept getting faster and faster and at each turn I dropped my hip and leaned over as my mare curled around the post. Finally, just as we came up to a corner and I really ducked down and over to hot rod through it and the wind picked up and flapped a jacket hanging there (which we had passed probably 10 times). My mare instantly teleported 10 feet to the right and I fell face first into the grass. I got up to the laughter of the folks in the ring, and my mare looking at me with the 'What??' look. No real injuries but pride, but I was feeling it the next day!

    1. Oops! shadowsrider6749@yahoo.com

  10. This sounds like a product my husband and I need! If I don't win, I'll have to try to find it in Canada.
    Here's my story:
    When I was 17, I had been riding for eight years, but had only started jumping a few years prior, at a hunter barn. One of my bad habits was leaving long at a jump. So, during a lesson, I picked my spot, and released. The horse (named Goofy) knew better, and took the next stride, then jumped. I got left behind in the air, and landed after the fence on Goofy's back, behind the saddle. He spooked and I slid off. That wasn't the bad part, the bad part was rolling into the fence post with my neck. A trip in an ambulance later, and numerous x-rays eventually uncovered that I had dislocated my C7 vertebrae. I was put in a halo for traction, but 50 lbs of pulling couldn't get my neck back in place. I was then sent for surgery, where I had to be intubated through my nose, while I was awake. That was surprisingly kind of fun. Surgery went well, until the doctors discovered why traction didn't work on me. I had a previous fracture in my C7 that had heeled, but had caught on my C6. I'm sure you'll have figured out that I did that damaged falling off another horse, years earlier. So with some grinding off of bone, and bending the titanium plate, the doctors fused my C6 and C7 together, and I've been mostly fine since. Much to my family's chagrin, I still ride, jump, and event. I still fall off, though I've mostly broken my habit for leaving long.

  11. My worst horse injury was while I was in college. I was riding one horse and ponying another, the lead got wrapped around my arm right after mounting and I was pulled off the horse I was riding, landing on the tree stump I had used as a mounting block. I tore a joint in my shoulder along with cracking my 6th and 7th ribs. It was pretty painful and although I've had my shoulder surgically repaired, I still have a lot of neurological and muscle pain.

  12. OMG something I have a chance of winning lol I knew getting kicked in the face had to be good for something!!! I had my bad horsie accident like the week before (or was it after??) your mishap with Riley. You can read (yes ugly broken face pics too) about it on my blog: http://newadventuressamesid.blogspot.com/ you can leave a comment to get in touch.

    I might have to get some even if I don't win...sounds like great stuff to have around, just in case.

  13. When I was thirteen I went out to my 4-H leader's house to ride the horse that was "mine". If an actual professional instructor had seen what we did with those horses, namely slightly crazed horses, then they would have freaked out. The horse I took care of and rode was a grade mare who was barely green broke at best and I had only been riding for two years. We decided to go on a trail ride. There was the brilliant idea to put my horse in just a halter. Not far down the road, my horse spooked and took off and I was unable to stop her due to the "very effective" halter. She took off down an alley of trees on one side and a fence on the other. Up ahead was a barbed wire fence. My horse stopped and I fell off into the fence and got my foot stuck in the reins. Meanwhile the horse was stepping all around me and decided to jump the barbed wire. I got dragged in the fence but luckily my foot came loose. I had all sorts of cuts and one serious one on my arm, but luckily I was wearing my helmet so not head injury. We caught the horse and headed back. My leader said I probably just needed a butterfly bandage. I called my mom and told her and when she came to pick me up and I showed her my arm, her eyes got big. Needless to say we went to the ER where I got seven stitches, a tetnus, and the cuts on my arms and legs cleaned up. I still have the scars. As you could guess, I was afraid of riding for a while, and to this day I really don't like to ride outside. I never went back to the "4-H" group and only stuck with my professional instructor.

  14. The upper riding ring at my boarding barn directly borders a busy interstate. My horse is used to the commotion of the road, but he was taken off guard during one of my rides. A red Jeep, filled to the brim with rambunctious local teens, pulled up next to the ring. The pack then proceeded to simultaneously scream, "Fall off!" My puzzled horse quietly slid to a stop to examine the suspicious car, stood for a minute, then took off bucking. I was unseated, and the car of teens stayed around, laughing their heads off, while I desperately hauled my sandy butt after my horse.

  15. I would love to try this. My worst fall was back in 2006. My horse's bit broke in a freak accident while galloping out in the field. It jabbed him in the mouth and he took off bucking. Without any way to pick his face up, I did a backwards flip off of him and hit my head on a rock. My helmet sustained a lot of damage and had a crack on the inside of it...but that's better than my head getting bashed in! My horse needed time off to recover from the damage to his mouth and I had a pretty good concussion. The bit was a 1 day old Weaver jointed copper snaffle. It was discovered that the entire lot of them had a defect where there was a bubble in the copper where the two sides were melded together. I have been extra careful about choosing a bit ever since.

  16. Oops I forgot to add that my name is Kate, my email is unionjack04@yahoo.com, and I live in Rhode Island. :)

  17. Just recently at a show while waiting for our turn, my horse reaches around to the left bites my foot and stirrup and then pulls away, scaring himself and doing a half rear and I exit stage right. Our round went well but boy was my pride hurt.

  18. My worst injury was when I was 10 years old. I was at riding camp and was riding a saint of a pony who was put on the earth to protect crazy kids. Before we went out on our trail ride the instructor noticed a discharge at the corner of my pony's eyes. So, to be safe, she switched me on to an 18hh MASSIVE horse that breathed fire (at least to me at the time! I'm sure he was most likely just a 15.2hh quarter horse). The trail was great, but we had a rule that you MUST walk back through the field to the barn. Well, something happened at the front of the ride and all the horses took off. Me, trying to be a good rider, hauled back on the reins as hard as I could. The horse decided to rear and buck to get rid of this creature on its back so that it could join the herd taking off through the field. I only ended up with a fractured collarbone, but it's still my worst injury to date (knock on wood)!
    nsrider13 @ gmail.com

  19. My worst injury was in 2011 at 50 plus years of age. My Haflinger mare and I were doing an obstacle course in the Cuyahoga Natl. Park. Doing great till we came to obstacle with umpteen cans tied to a rope & sitting on a barrel. As the obstacle is being explained to me,(pull the cans down, drag while riding to second barrel & back again) I'm thinking I'll be passing on this. How many times is this encountered on the trail after all? My mare in the meantime is playing with the cans, soooo I thought "well, she'll be fine so we'll try". WRONG!!! As I pull the string of cans down, the noise along with the cans hitting her rear leg of course had her thinking "saber tooth tiger" attack. She bucks so hard & high I could see the bottoms of her feet out of the corner of my eye. I go flying, turns out one of the judges is a paramedic, If I'd known that I'd have definitly passed on the obstacle, kind of karma having her stationed at this paricular obstacle I think. So I land on a slight incline on my right shoulder/arm, my mare trots off but, comes right back. I'm checked over (once I've gotten my breath) and deemed OK. Back up on my mare, my riding partner had continued on leaving me alone (not a friend and certainly never will be), I partner up with someone else (lovely young lady and her gelding), I'm in considerable pain but my mares walk seems to keep me loosened up so I continue on three more miles in the middle of the park still doing any obstacle that doesn't require right arm use. Actually did pretty well considering! Once done, the paramedic is back in camp, checks me again, a few great people assist in loading my stuff and mare, I drive home. Next morning I wake up telling Hubby we're going to the E.R. I can't even reach the toilet paper. Four broken ribs!!! I was stunned that'd I'd continued on as well as I did, I'm of course am back up riding once healed but, I now avoid cans on rope while out on the trail! Oh, I was wearing a helmet :)


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