Thursday, August 29, 2013

Much-loved Vinici Saddle for sale

Now that I have my new Hennig, I find that my beloved Vinici saddle is sitting unused. As much as I love it, the longer Hennig flap and slightly more generous seat make a more comfortable fit for me. Rather than let it grow old in the tack room, I am opting to offer it for sale. It's on Ebay, but I will give interested BTB readers a better deal. Here it is! Width is a MW/W, with this saddle accommodating a range of sizes due to the wool underside which is so friendly to horses' backs! The seat is 17.5, condition is absolutely fabulous. I'm asking $2,999 on Ebay. New it is about 4K. Email me at if interested.

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  1. I love both my Black Country saddles. I have the Eloquence dressage and Ricochet jump. :)


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