Thursday, August 29, 2013

Training an elite young dressage horse

I love this mare, and I wish I could ride like this young professional. I think Scott Hassler's commentary is interesting -- hoping one day I can spend a lesson focusing on such subtleties.  I like how Hassler is so tuned in to the rider's state of mind. When he says "relax," he's not talking to the mare :-).

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  1. I'm not skilled enough as an auditor to see what he means when he praises the rider on her "good coaching" or her "good decision." I can see where the transition to canter was not smooth and how her nose needs to be out and away from her chest. But the subtleties are too subtle for me at this point. That said, this is a lovely horse, lovely rider and the "champion 4 y.o." potential was there.


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