Saturday, September 14, 2013

Easyboot Gloves: Did I mention?

A few months ago, Riley started being turned out again, for half-days. What has worked really well to keep his shoes on is the "Easyboot solution." I bought two, and they go on over his shoes. I bought two for Ri, and one for Harv (who had an abscess). Since we started applying the boots, he's hung on to his shoes, his feet look good, and he can even go out in mildly wet conditions. I'm very happy about this.

Yesterday, he cam in with the "gaitor" dangling from his pastern--the gaitor part had been ripped off at the base. Harv's abscess had healed, so I took the gaitor from his boot and screwed it on the boot. Handy!


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  2. Think I got the wrong size for Tucker. His didn't stay on. Could be his feet are the wrong shape.

    Glad to know they are working for you.


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