Friday, September 13, 2013

Dressage Teacher Jane Savoie Explains How To Adjust Your Horse's Balance...

So this is an interesting video, not only because the title topic is interesting, but because she explains a little of the mechanics of the half-pass. I've always considered the half-pass to be an elusive movement. The concept of pushing a horse into the left rein to get him/her to move right -- it strikes me as a tall order. Jane's explanation helps.


  1. Jane is a GREAT teacher; thanks for the link!

  2. I was taught (for beginners learning half pass) to begin on a diagonal line and bring the haunches in for traverse. And once the rider can do that, then increase the bend around the inside leg. But the diagonal line puts the horses shoulders where they need to be. The haunches in can only occure if the rider is sitting correctly on the inside seat bone. And the whole idea of being on a diagonal removes the tendency of the rider to shove the horse sideways with the outside leg. it also ensures that the haunches do not overtake the shoulders.


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