Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good people make good barns

So I'm talking about Harv's barn, and why it works for us.

Keeping life interesting
Every time I visit there are people I've met -- but also a bunch of folks I've never met. Some I might not see again. It's like a people watching, a little, and it's fun.
  • Right after I moved there,  I was grooming Harv in cross ties, and a girl of about ten in a pink helmet walked up to me, held out her hand, an introduced herself to me.  It was such an adult thing to do, and she had such poise! I was charmed.  
  • One night I saw a young Indian girl -- a tiny thing -- on a lesson pony, decked out in a brand-new helmet and boots. Seated at the edge of the ring was a woman in a a beautiful Sari and sandals, looking anxious. 
  • One night, Harv and I walked past a group of girls in their teens -- when they see Harv they smile and call out in unison:  "Hi Harvey!" How do they know him? I don't know. Harv has young admirers and a full social life quite apart from me. ;-)
The list goes on. There's a lady who can only visit her horse between chemo treatments; a retired couple and their western pleasure mounts; a mom whose daughter's horse became her horse after the daughter discovered boys; the endless birthday cakes, and baskets of apples and garden tomatoes.


  1. Harvey's so lucky to be in a barn with a fan club :) I once boarded my mare at a barn with lots of little girls who took lessons - they loved being able to groom my mare, braid her mane, and paint her 'nails' with glitter - my girl adored all the attention :)

  2. I love that Harvey has a teen fan club - how very cool. :)

  3. Good people DO make good barns, and in my view it all starts with the barn owner and manager. Their approach sets the tone for the whole barn. They manage horses and people well and if there are troublemakers, I'm sure the owner and manager politely ask them to leave. Harv and his buddies are the beneficiaries of all this. No drama, happy ponies (and very happy owners ;o)


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