Monday, September 30, 2013

Gersemi Fall 2013: Fashion finds for a fiscal free-fall

 Blue, heathered blue, contoured, with figure-enhancing seams, who would not look good in this? Thumbs up on this thumb-exposing garment,--can anyone tell me the functionality of the sleeves?.  Gersemi is not known for its friendly pricepoint -- this'll cost ya $84. Even looking at my checking account (dismal), I feel myself waivering... 


  1. Lots of "active" sports gear use a thumb hole so you can keep the sleeves from riding up. Personally, I find it extremely annoying, but the idea is interesting.

  2. I love Gesemi on other people. I also wearing it, but the prices are out of sight for someone on my budget.

  3. I was wondering when running gear was going to make it to the equine world. The thumb holes are for colder mornings, part of your had is covered, the thumb hole anchors it like anonymous said, to prevent it from riding up. I never had it do this though as they usually are quite fitted.


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