Sunday, September 29, 2013

Three days at Devon: A friend's fab moment

This is really Patty and Pablo's moment, but I'll share this comment with BTB readers. I'm thrilled to have my byline in The Chronicle of the Horse -- was up till the wee hours getting it ready for publication on Saturday. I can't say enough about the Chronicle staff. If I could have picked a publication to have my byline in, it's this one. It's truly a dream.

This photo (to the right) went viral on Friday. It is a thoroughbred at Devon -- someone I know from my local GMO. Patty  was excited to take her off the track TB Pablo to Devon in the Young Horse classes. She worked for it, they both earned it, and most importantly, she wanted to make a statement (about thoroughbreds in dressage). This is a very special horse.

Well, she made that statement -- several in fact -- she had a great ride, and her horse Pablo made a statement of his own. The statement was, "While you and the judge overanalyze silly things, I'm going to enjoy a snack." I was there to witness Lilo Fore burst into fits of laughter in the middle of her public commentary.

I caught the moment on video, and I was even able to contribute an article to the Chronicle of the Horse -- Does your horse know how to charm a judge like this?

The video now has 5,000 hits. Another year of Devon Magic...


  1. One of those moments when a horse is a horse, of course. Love it. Actually I wish the assistant had not taken the flowers away. Pablo deserved the snack! *lol*

    Can't say he wasn't relaxed in the arena. He deserved a 10 for that.

  2. What a great reminder to not take ourselves too seriously...even when standing in front of the judge!


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