Monday, September 16, 2013

Harv's walkabout

Today, I took Harv out to handgraze him. Normally he starts eating and his head doesn't come up till I drag him away. Maybe because of the chill in the air on this day (early fall weather!), Harv won't have any of it. He wanted to explore, and he dragged me around the farm as if he'd never seen it before. It felt a little like water skiing, and it was quite naught horse-behavior, but I'm just glad to see him so chipper. He was clearly enjoying himself, and he rolled twice in the taller grass. I took this shot during a brief rest stop on our "tour."

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  1. Hey, how come you have blue skies. Gray, rainy, and misty here. Yesterday was GORGEOUS!! Went on a trail pace and it was perfect riding weather.

    Harv looks really interested and content in his new digs.


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