Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When you say Bud...

Guess who was not at work when the Budweiser Clydesdales came down Fourth Street in South Bethlehem? I had to be there, not only because of the horses, but because Bob drinks Bud, and he's more than a little defensive when people tease him about it. The top selling beer in the world is his comeback. The Clydesdales were deliciously diva-like on this day, impatient to leave and utterly indignant when the driver accidentally urged them forward when the parking brake was on. Believe me they know they're famous. I love this panoramic shot, and it's worth clicking on to see the enlarged version.


  1. Look how WHITE all 24 legs are! Perfection!

  2. I saw the team when a local distributor opened his facility in Stockton, California maybe 25 years ago. They were wonderful. I also saw them at the Del Mar (San Diego County) Fair shortly thereafter.

  3. Considering that would have been about 14,400 lb. total of "indignant" horseflesh, I would really have liked to have seen that sight! Hilarious. :D Poor guys, I'm sure they were like, "EXCUSE ME, you told us to GO!"

    Living here in STL, I am blessed in that whenever I need a Clydesdale fix I can head over to Grant's Farm and see them. I haven't been about four years now and I really need to go.

    My dad would have agreed with Bob 100%. He, too, was a Bud man, although he only drank it on "special occasions." Most nights would find him with Black Label or Shaefer, because it was cheaper, but he definitely liked Bud the best. No fancy imported brew for him, no sirree!


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