Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dad's ordeal

Last week mom and I went to look at a skilled nursing facility for dad's rehab after his fall. While at the time this seemed stressful, so many things have happened I look back at that day and wish that rehab was all that dad had to deal with.

  • The diagnosis is confirmed via biopsy -- Dad has multiple myeloma, or cancer involving the bone marrow/plasma cells. Dad has opted to try chemo which is great. What is not great is that  many nursing facilities do not accept chemo patients. Mom and I visited five places over the weekend.
  • Saturday night, his catheter caused some bleeding and the bladder backed up, causing painful spasms and requiring immediate intervention. I spent a sleepless night while the hospital staff performed numerous procedures to fix this.
  • That same night, after the procedures to resolve the bladder issue, dad complained of trouble breathing. They took x-rays, which showed his lungs were fine, but he has 3-4 broken ribs. 
  • On Monday, they did an ultrasound of his bladder and found there are clots there.
Every day brings some new revelation that is not welcome.  And with my sister and I out of state, and our mom in failing health, I feel like dad is working against unfair odds. 

Meanwhile, dad is barely eating.  I'm wondering how he will have the strength to do rehab OR have chemo. If he does not improve in rehab fairly quickly, Medicare will not cover it, and he goes to long term care, which is private pay (we pay) and without rehab his chance of becoming mobile is lessened.

Dad just moved to the nursing facility today. I'm praying hard that dad will make a comeback after this ordeal, that he'll eat, and gain strength and weight, and do well on the chemo. Thanks for your good thoughts. 


  1. Sending all the best thoughts his way. And yours - it's hard managing all that you're managing.

  2. Hey, Stacey, I just wanted to let you know in writing that I am thinking of y'all. I know how you feel and have been through the misery --- someone I love more than anything has been in chemo for two years for brain cancer, went through two surgeries, and lost his memory of his entire life after the second. He was very lucky to keep his personality and life skills, but is back in school when not working to try and relearn his career and he forgot all of his friends, family, and loved ones. There is nothing harder, but know that you are not alone and I know it seems silly because we don't know each other, but if you ever need to talk to someone, you can find my email on my blog and feel free. Hugs to you and yours.

  3. Stacey - I am so thinking of you as I am in a very similar situation with my parents. Hang in there!

  4. Everything that has happened has led to yet another door opening--sometimes a good door, sometimes not. It all makes us realize how fragile life is--and shows us how strong we ALL can be when push comes to shove. Your dad sounds like a wonderful man--a good husband and father--who taught you and your sister a lot of good lessons and showed you by the way he lived his life how his daughters should live theirs. You learned well. While there are no easy answers to any of this, you and your sister will know what to do when, and you will be the stronger for it. Just the way you took care of Bob's issues show me your Dad and Mom are in very good hands. God bless.

  5. More good thoughts coming your way. Wish I had some easy answers for you. Hope your Dad rallies and gets to the rehab in short order. <<<<>>>>>


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