Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pony Up Purses (the one that I want)

$155 and 100% of profits go to horse rescues
I want to own this bag! And if you want to be enabled, consider this. PonyUp, the makers of this bag, give 100% of the proceeds to help horses in need.


My sister has several of these bags, which have straps made of  horse halter leather and a name plate (personalized). She loves her bag, and I love the one I found on the web site.

Bob are you reading this? Be thinking about Christmas...


  1. I got to see these in person at Rolex, and yes, they are really nice!!! They are a bit too dear for me, although I guess I could also make noise about one for Christmas. :-)

  2. I met them at pony finals this year - one of the women went to my town's rival high school. Small world, haha. My problem is that I just can't pick which bag I want; they're all gorgeous!


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