Monday, November 18, 2013

Braids in color

I stumbled on this page,, that shows unusual braid jobs on the post Colorful and Creative Braids steal the show at the Alltech National. It's also on Facebook -- I hope Phelps does not mind that I am reproducing part of a closeup of the braids, it's all in the interest of driving you guys to her site to see some braid experimentation

Standard disclaimer: I'm a crappy braider and have no business critiquing anyone's braids. But...

I love the idea of the alternating braids, and adding color. IMHO it won't work unless there is perfect uniformity, and the colors are not perfect and uniform as the braids are. When I first saw the photo of the black horse in the Chronicle, I wondered if they had run out of the right color yarn, and thought it was nice that the judge let them win anyway.  Then I pondered, and searched, and found this page.

I wish the braiders luck, it's a worthy effort.


  1. I used to braid in red, white, and blue for the Memorial Day Show.

    Not too keen on the alternating sides as it's going to make the mane tend to want to flop over to the other side when it's not braided. Still, it's an interesting idea. Might create a bit of an optical illusion with the horse's neck, though.

  2. Years ago I bought some metallic gold braid binders for my bay, whose show bridle had brass clinchers on the brow band. I know it would have been stunning (in a subtle, tasteful way!) but when I asked a TD at a dressage show if they would be allowed, the answer was a resounding "No."

  3. Maybe I'm just boring, but I prefer classic braids that show off the neck without being distracting. I agree with you on the alternating braids and the yarn colors.

  4. Hmm I'm not sure I like the alternate braiding BUT love the colors! Luckily I have a palomino who looks good in just about every color there is! Can't wait to go check them out!

  5. Hah, Stacey, I know exactly why you were interested in this - because they were using ORANGE! :-) I think it's terrific that the braiders had a chance to be in the spotlight for a change, and their efforts are beautiful. The best-looking, IMHO - unsurprisingly, I'm sure you agree - is the chestnut's tail. Stunning! The colors are not as attractive on the greys and a bit "Halloweenish" on the blacks, but I still think it's nice they were encouraged to do that. Definitely added some "bling" to the usually bland hunters! (Don't get me wrong, I love 'em, but it is fun to change things up a bit once in a while)


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