Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ri and I: November 11

I have Ri in training -- with dad being sick, and me losing part of the summer to injury, and Bob's health issues, it seems like the prudent Riley-oriented thing to do. I do ride him a few times a week when I'm in town, an we took some footage last Sunday.


I'm happy with the footage overall, esp. Riley, who is better balanced and far more forward at the trot. The canter is a little wild and woolly, with a big loss of balance at the end, but I like that he is MOVING and pretty much staying in the canter till I ask for trot.  Getting him to go better involved  a little bit of "back to the drawing board" -- but I like where he's going now.

Me? I think I'm less of a belly flopper, but there is work to do. I need to be more consistent with my upper body and to control my posting better. Several trainers have told me I sit "too hard" and too long, and I'm being asked to think of the saddle as a hot plate. As a result, I'm a little lost at the moment, a little out of synch with Riley. I will say it doesn't seem to bother him, and he looks happy. Go figure.


  1. Looking good! Riley is definitely more forward. Well ridden.

  2. Great video! He is a nice big mover! (The rider isn't bad either LOL) I am also trying to work on my position and balance :-) You look GREAT!

  3. You both looks incredible! He also looks really happy in his work. Great job!


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