Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dad update: The news is good

Dad, who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in October, was not ready to start chemotherapy -- until last week. His treatment consists of weekly injections and pills...
  • the injection to control the myeloma
  • a bone anti-inflammatory
  • anti-nausea drugs, if needed
He considered not doing it, but the oncologist is charming and persuasive! After talking to her a few times, he said he would try it -- but he was quick to say that if it was uncomfortable or painful, he would go the hospice route.

 I'd read the the disease itself could be painful in the latter stages.  I'm glad we didn't need to talk to him about which option would be the least of two evils.

Fortunately, after round one of chemo dad is doing great -- didn't need the nausea drugs! While no one likes the word "cancer," it is marvelous that the drugs and treatments have improved so much.

Now he can continue rehab and get his butt kicked by the therapists. Hoping for his sake that he'll be walking without assistance soon. At the moment his walks are a novelty, and not something he does for practical things during the day. He is terrified of falling, and who can blame him? He needs to get steadier, stronger, and more confident.


  1. Still a scary situation, but it sounds as if you have things under control. Here's to good thoughts and hopes that the treatment continues to work well for your Dad so he can keep it up.

    I'm sure all your love and concern has helped him every step of the way.

  2. Part of what makes any treatment successful is the attitude of the patient--and with the support system your Dad has in place, it sounds to me like he's going to do just fine. Same as your 'tude with Bob--he has an army (in you) at work, as well. Great post!


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