Saturday, November 23, 2013

FITS breeches -- love love love

Obviously I didn't prep alot for this photo -- wrinkled shirt!
I had a credit with Smartpak Equine and ended up buying these FITS Treads winter pull-ons on a whim. I've always been a fan of FITS, and these have all of the qualities that I like about the company's products:
  • a beautiful color
  • flattering design that works for a lot of different body types
  • fabric that is butter-soft and wears well
  • functional and natural-feeling in the saddle
I love pull-ons, and my go-to zipperless breech company has always been Tropical Rider. I like TR Toasties Lites  (extended patch) for their economical *price and frequent sales. They offer wind-resistant warmth and many options for patch material and waist styles, as well as custom fitting and extra long. The more structured fabric hides and smooths out the old bod, but they don't have quite the stretch that FITS do. The styling is  workmanlike and simple, and the fabric is durable.

The FITS offer more stretch, breathability, and superior comfort. The design of the breech is more sophisticated/tailored looking, the seam placement is very flattering and sporty. They're at a slightly different **price point than TRs, and not surprisingly the the design and fit is better. While I have not washed them, I suspect the "treaded" full-seat will wear well. The TRs and the FITS are both comfortable, but the FITS are almost like loungewear!

I love both products, really, but right now I'm  jazzed about the FITS -- the style is great and I would wear them at a clinic.

NOTE: This is not an ad--I have not been in contact with FITS, and I paid full price for these breeches. I think they are a great buy.

I like clothes to be loose, so these breeches may be a size too large.
Don't blame FITS for the loose calves, it's partly the size I chose and
partly my skinny legs. 

*Toasties Lites full-seats --The clarino full-seat breeches are $110, but wait for one of their regular sales (most holidays) and get them for about $71. They custom fit if you ask.
**FITS winter pull-ons are $139.


  1. I'm not really picky about my breeches. Just got some winter Kerrits on sale myself. I do like the Irideon pull ons, though. I tend to prefer pull ons over conventional breeches and always keep a look out for a good sale.

  2. FITS are my go to breeches now that they are no longer manufacturing Golden Dress - which are completely the bomb!


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