Monday, December 23, 2013

Molokai, RIP

Last year (or was it the year before) I went to a Thoroughbreds for All celebration while we were at Rolex in Kentucky. At that event, I was able to see Molokai, who was happily retired at that farm. He looked wonderful.

He passed quietly in his pasture a few days ago. Eventing Nation did a wonderful tribute to Molokai which you should read if you can.

I honor the horses of the past that have gone to the top of their sport, but sometimes when I watch the video footage I am left with the feeling that they were "a great horse for their time." Advances in breeding and training have raised the bar for equestrian sports, after all.

But what struck me when I saw this video footage is that this was a horse of timeless quality, in all three phases. Dorothy Crowell and Molokai clearly came to play. RIP Molokai.


  1. There are certainly horses with more "style" than others--but I looked at the clip you provided (My computer does weird things on the EventingNation site, for some reason) and he looks like a very workmanlike eventer. Not a lot of flash or pizazz, just there to do a job and have a carrot or two after. Love horses like this. RIP indeed.

  2. I think MO was wonderful! And yes, I bet anyone riding today would snap him right up. He was definitely Quality with a capital Q. :)

    Also would like to point out Dorothy's lovely equitation. She, too, was of timeless quality.


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