Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Riley and I, Dec. 22

I'm finding that while Ri is always a good boy, he is not always a good boy in the same way. Saturday he required almost no leg and all I had to do was concentrate on staying in balance with him, and softening my hands so that he could relax more through the poll and jaw. I'm getting a better understanding of how my "fixed" hands and arms make him tense/stiff in the jaw. When I do it right, he is forgiving, as always.

Sunday, the day of this video, he was not quite as sharp to the aids and it was trickier to get the forward without getting too unbalanced and fixed in the jaw.

Ri is wearing his new browband from Woven Beaded Browbands on Etsy.com. This is my second one -- blingier than the first -- and I adore it. I'll be blogging photos soon...


  1. I think the best compliment that I can pay this video is that it makes me want to ride!

  2. Looking good!! I like how Riley is open in the front and not overbent. Very nice job! He's going well for you even if you thought he was hard to get forward. Merry Christmas!


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