Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ripped from the Headlines! Another non-warmblood at the upper levels

If you're like me, you read the Chronicle of the Horse article about I've Been Ripped, the Paint/Arab competing at PSG, and thoughtL Must. Find. Video. Here it is. Congrats to Jessica Fussner for her success on this interesting and fun horse!


  1. Love the little piaffe he/she offers at the end.*lol* If that's PSG, it was bonus move....scored lower on the halt, unfortunately. What a cutie!

    Many Arabs tend to look a bit croup high even when they are round and engaged. It's just a conformational thing. This guy/gal does so more at the trot than canter. He/She is a lovely lovely horse.

  2. Loooove love seeing non-warmbloods in the upper levels. Not that I don't love warmbloods, but seeing other types of horses at upper levels like this is just awesome!! :)

  3. I have an Arab, a Pintabian, and a pair of half Arab/Pinto boys that I'd like to start dressage with. I don't expect to get to the upper levels with them, as I don't know if they have the desire yet, but at least I know it can be done.


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