Thursday, December 5, 2013

Woven bead browbands: A recommendation

I was happy to write this review in Horse Nation for Pat Sutherland's wonderful, unique browbands.
"Holiday shopping for horse people has never been easier–take a look at these unique browbands from Pat Sutherland, who has sites featuring her hand-woven creations on and Facebook.
They may look delicate, but they’re sturdy and meant for everyday use. Pat uses jewelry quality glass beads (over 1,000 for some designs!) attached to a polypropelene web backing, using UV ray resistant outdoor thread. The browband does not stretch or absorb water, and 1 1/2″ loops at each end fit most crownpieces. Pat has been doing these browbands for 20 years and she says, 'I’ve never lost so much as a bead.'
She has over 100 browbands on her site, and she does custom and charm-adorned browbands as well. Costs range from $60ish to $100. Christmas gift wrapping is free for the asking. If desired, mention it in the comments section of your order."

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  1. Love the beaded (versus the VERY price crystal headbands for several reasons--I love color AND crystal tends to magnify movement of the head and if your horse doesn't have a still head while doing dressage, the sparkling headband will "enhance" any movement at all. Of course, it's like the beginning rider with bad hands who thinks wearing black gloves instead of white will not draw attention to the hand issue--a judge with any credibility at all will SEE the problem. Same with head movement. I scribed for a judge at a recognized show and she commented as the horse trotted into the court that the headband looked like "twinkling lights" on a Christmas tree. Not a good thing, she said. Very distracting.

    But the beaded rectangle headband above is my favorite ;o)


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