Friday, February 7, 2014

Blue roan alert! If I could have three horses...

If I could afford to have three horses, you can bet I'd be looking at this lovely four-year old, who even comes in my dream color BLUE ROAN. His playful, languid buck is adorable. If he moves this well while he's all green and EXCITED, imagine him working in a frame! There's a lovely rhythm to that trot. Kudos to the rider for showing tact and allowing the horse to enjoy his time out.

Oh, Wait! We don't have to imagine him in a frame... See below.
I believe his name is Polar Blue and I LOFF HIM.
And the jump footage shows what an awesome canter he has.

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  1. The second video has several parts, don't know if you realized it. It shows the test, then some jumping, and canter work afterwards. It really shows him off.

    What a nice boy.


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