Saturday, February 8, 2014

Real Prada: 3 year old rare frame overo dressage prospect

Anyone looking? Pretty.


  1. Small world but this filly is out of Carrie's mare. She blogs all about her here:

  2. I'm not usually an overo fan, but this one is nice.

  3. That's my mare's filly!!! If I had one less horse in the herd we would be bringing her home... My husband is obsessed with her. Wish we had the space!

  4. She's fabulous. I bought her from the same farm Prada is at - She's an Elite Hanoverian mare, dressage bred (Londonderry/Weltmeyer) big, black and lovely mover..
    I bought her as my next dressage horse, but somehow we have stumbled into the world of Hunters. When I first got her she was a bit flighty, spooky and distracted in her work, but some body work and deliberate effort to strengthen her (rather long) topline and she's turned into a relaxed, floppy eared, lovely ride. Lots of pics videos and fun stuff on my blog:

    I really do enjoy how that filly is turning out!


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