Sunday, February 9, 2014

All White: A Virtual Tour through the Al Shaqab Facility

Centuries before nagural gas and petroleum gave prominence to Qatar as one of the world's fastest growing economies,  the country was known for its prized Arabian horses.
When the Al Thani ancestors, the ruling family of the State of Qatar, migrated out of the Arabian Desert three centuries ago to settle in Qatar, the Arabian horse was a vital part of daily life.The Arabian horse played an important role in the founding of Qatar. Al Shaqab is the renowned equestrian facility in Qatar. Spread out over 980,000 square metres and with a stable capacity for more than 400 horses, Al Shaqab also stands out for its architectural design, with a central horseshoe shape. Check out the interactive map of the facility.

It really is quite a facility.

 Al Shaqab - The Virtual Tour  on Vimeo.

 Mission: Becoming global leaders in preserving, improving and promoting the Arabian horse breed and maintaining accessibility to the community while setting the highest standard in breeding, show, equestrian arts and equine welfare.


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