Monday, February 10, 2014

Rah Rah for Rolex: Reason #14 to go to Rolex

This is my Rah Rah for Rolex: Reasons to go! series. Read Reason 15, this one, and there are thirteen more to go!

Rolex tickets, best deal ever. Get tickets here! 2013 Daily admission ranges from $13-$25, and get admission for all four days for just $66! Keep in mind this price includes parking, which is plentiful usually an easy in-and-out (except on Saturday, the cross country day). It also includes admission to the Kentucky Horse Park and International Trade Fair. Just for comparison, in my home state of Pennsylvania tickets for a two-hour tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling water are $66.

Cheap vacation!
You’ll find everything in Lexington to be reasonably priced. From the hotels (you can always camp at the Horse Park), to the food, to the event, experience the absence of price gouging and a tourist-friendly town.

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