Sunday, February 2, 2014

Judge's comments you have to love

Well.. the hind legs are engaged...
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In my experience judges usually try to put a positive spin on all but the most disastrous rides.  It is sometimes amusing to see how they score movements that are performed poorly or are not performed at all.

At a show last year, I saw a lovely test marred by an episode where the horse inexplicably threw his head skyward and giraffe-like, blowing through the rider's aids during an upward transition. The rider see-sawed to get some semblance of control. There was nothing redeeming about it. It was ugly.

The rider, who was experienced, just smiled and shook her head after the final salute. Later, by the secretary's stand, I saw her laughing with a friend as they read the judge's comments.  A third friend walked up and said "What'd she say? What'd she say?!!!"

She said,  "For the transition at H, the comment was 'Not Dressagey.'"

Love it. Thanks judges, for having a sense of humor.

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  1. My horse once bucked on the entrance of a musical freestyle to music from Carmen. The judge's comment: "Music well interpreted by horse on entrance." The words to the song? "Here I come into the field of battle."


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