Saturday, February 1, 2014

Warning: Nudity (and bad choices) in riding apparel

Screen shot from the video members tend to do a lot of experimental/conceptual stuff, but I think this is  a photo shoot from a nudist/nude enthusiast magazine. Hey, I'm not one to judge the nude lifestyle, but...

I find the idea of nude riding cringe-worthy, but nude riding with a SADDLE? OUCH!   If you are not offended by nudity including the "full monty," see  Angela Nude Horse Riding 1080 Preview from NudeMuse on Vimeo.


  1. At least she is wearing protective footwear! It looks painful to me more than anything.

  2. Painful yes! It's sure one way to condition the leather on the seat....LOL

  3. Good grief! Even the horse looks embarrassed.

  4. I guess technically she would not be nude if she wore one?


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