Thursday, March 6, 2014

Browband sale: My favorite Etsy store has a birthday sale

 Pat of Woven Beads Browbands is having a sale in honor of her horse Dolly's 18th birthday! Dolly is 18 on March 7 and the sale is on her birthday.  I'm showing one of her sale items, a copper hematite mix browband.  Dolly is the model.  

THE SALE IS FRIDAY MARCH 7 ONLY! Dolly items in a special section, called "Dolly's Birthday Sale", and then add a percent coupon off on everything, good for the day.  The coupon would apply to all the sale items too, making them even less expensive.

They look delicate but they are very sturdy, washable, and even more impressive in "real life"!

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